We have identified a location in Long Island, New York for our next state of the art aquaculture facility which will produce 200-500 tons of the highest quality, most traceable food ever to come to market.


U.S. Commercial Fisheries

Commercial fishery landings of edible fish and shellfish were 9.5 billion pounds in 2014. Over 80% of the total commercial catch was finfish, but shellfish represented more than 50% of the total value. 

U.S. Aquaculture Production

The production of farm raised fish and shellfish in 2013 was about 662 million pounds worth $1.4 billion. In the United States, the amount of fish and shellfish harvested from the wild annually is about 8 times greater than the amount produced by domestic aquaculture farms. Pond raised catfish represents about two thirds of the total farm raised seafood products produced annually in the U.S. Other important domestically produced aquaculture food products in order of the quantity produced include: crawfish, salmon, trout, oysters, tilapia, striped bass, clams, shrimp, and mussels.