Warm welcome for Aqquua / Fishly at Boston Seafood Expo


It would be difficult to convey the excitement and energy of the Boston Seafood Expo without reverting to hyperbole – though it is safe to say that we had somewhere around a billion visitors over the course of the three day event ;-) 

There was an electricity to our booth – and though it was relatively small and placed in the last row at the massive Boston Convention Center, we managed to draw a steady stream of visitors the entire three days of the show.  Bewitched by our hybrid grouper's intricate patterns, lured by the novelty of our plate-sized mahi, or attracted to the uniformly handsome appearance of our highly sought-after hirame, there was no lull, nor shortage of interesting discussions with representatives from every sector of the seafood industry from around the globe.  

aqquua / fishly co-founder and CEO charlie siebenberg discusses traceability on a panel at the 2017 Seafood Expo

The benefits of our innovations will be felt by the seafood industry at large, as well as its customers.  

In a panel on traceability and the problems it poses to our industry, CEO Charlie Siebenberg debuted the consumer app, Fishly.  Like a gong it resounded from the conference room back out to the floor and became a major topic of conversation at our booth and beyond, even garnering a headline in the trade publication IntraFish, boldly, if a bit brazenly declaring "Traceability is the past.  Authentication is the future." The phrase, though paradigm-shifting in its implications, is less about a revolution than an evolution, where we are giving traceability back some of the accountability that has been lost along the way and led to a lack of consumer confidence.

We found a wave of support in the wake of the announcement and look forward to partnering with suppliers to buyers and every stop in between to pilot this technology and help us improve and adapt to meet the needs of the entire industry.  If we can help attenuate the flow of inferior or improperly classified product to the consumer and make them a participant and an ally in the process, we can increase the plate share for seafood as a whole and share in the success that follows.