We believe our approach to aquaculture is bigger than our own farming operations.  By serving the need for qualified and visionary consultants in this important field, we allow for the opportunity to partner with our clients at the highest levels and extend to them not only our expertise in aquaculture techniques and implementation, but also our vast networks and deep experience within the seafood industry in the hopes of achieving a shared success.

 advances in tuna aquaculture edited by daniel benetti (left) Dr. benetti at an aquaculture facility (right)

advances in tuna aquaculture edited by daniel benetti (left) Dr. benetti at an aquaculture facility (right)

Daniel Benetti, PhD.

Dr. Daniel Benetti and his significant contributions to the field of Aquaculture research are recognized worldwide. In addition to his academic responsibilities, he carries out scientific and R&D projects on technology development and environmental issues related to aquaculture. He has extensive experience with the industry and government sectors, having worked with a number of private companies and institutions to develop and implement aquaculture technologies and operations in several countries in the 5 continents. Dr. Benetti specializes in hatchery and open ocean grow-out technologies of marine fin-fish species, including, cobia, Seriola, snapper, tuna, mahimahi, and flounder.



Dr. Jorge Arturo Suarez

Dr. Jorge Arturo Suárez is a Assistant Scientist at the Aquaculture Program at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine Atmospheric Science. He is the manager of the Aquaculture Nutrition Unit and advices graduate students and technicians conducting research in the field of aquatic nutrition. He is the Co-PI of current grants and contracts aimed at formulating and developing practical diets for high-value marine fish by reducing fish meal and fish oil utilization. Dr. Suárez has over 15 years of experience in applied research of shrimp and fish, including genetics, physiology and nutrition. He has published several articles on the replacement of fish meal with alternative protein sources and energy budget for Penaeid shrimp and is now focused on marine fish research.


Comprehensive Global Business Support

Aqquua Consulting is a one-stop-shop for aquaculture development.

  • project feasibility studies
  • business planning
  • production plans
  • site assessment
  • species selection
  • advanced technology

On-Site Expertise

Our team consists of experts in the most advanced technologies of marine fin fish available in the world for a variety of species, from flounder to tuna. We also specialize in technology transfer, beyond providing protocols and telling clients what and how to get things done: we send our own staff to the site, to do the work themselves while educating our clients' staff. Our network of consultant associates canvases the entire globe.