Benjamin Siebenberg   Co-Founder
In 1980 Benjamin Siebenberg started AM-Gold Products Inc., a diamond and jewelry wholesale business.  AM-Gold expanded to also become one of the largest bridal and trio companies in the US.  In 1985, he opened National Stampcast, a world renowned casting and stamping facility.  With his son, Charlie, he then started and expanded the capabilities of The Cheva Group to address the needs of the constantly changing international jewelry and accessories industries.  He is constantly pioneering advanced manufacturing techniques and adapting technological innovations.


Hiroshi Matsushita  Co-Founder
Hiroshi Matsushita is the founder of Korat Matsushita Company.  Korat Matsushita Company is a 700 employee multi-plant factory.  The plants specialize in press work, molds, springs, sheet metal processing and painting, as well as mechanical and machinery parts.  Hiroshi started the company in 1997.


Charlie Siebenberg CEO
Charlie Siebenberg is an artist and an entrepreneur.  He comes from a family with six generations in the jewelry industry. Charlie earned his graduate degree in Gemology at GIA in Carlsbad and spent another two years in California perfecting his aesthetic as a sculptor in LA, eventually moving to a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to continue his work.  In 1999, Charlie joined the Siebenberg family business by taking over the company’s manufacturing division in NYC.  He increased the client list from 2 to 120, including a wide rage of clientele from young designers to well-established mass market brands.  In the mid-2000’s, Charlie designed and created one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry pieces. He brings a passion for the creation of uniquely beautiful items and his deep knowledge of manufacturing processes together at Aqquua where he has coordinated with the masters of Aquaculture to construct and develop its facilities from the ground up.


Jeff Frumin  Director of Business Development
Jeff Frumin has over 20 years experience founding companies within the marketing, branding and technology fields. Jeff founded and was the CEO of UCG Marketing (UCG). UCG, is a leading experiential agency that creates and implements integrated programs connecting brands to target consumers. Clients have included Coca Cola, Nestle Waters, Johnson & Johnson, NBC, Scholastic Books, Horizon Organic, and Viacom. He was responsible for developing UCG’s marketing vision and business strategy.


Scott Cohn  CMO
Scott Cohn created the branding for the baby clothes company Bon Bébé a year out of college and went on to do pioneering work in the digital ad space for the next decade, turning out award winning campaigns for clients including MTV, Symantec, Keds, and Nestlé. He took leave from the ad industry to write and illustrate two children's books, Daddy Sat On A Duck and Daddy Said A Word I Never Heard (Little,Brown 2015) but was lured back into marketing, this time from the client side.  As CMO of Aqquua his goal is to try to "allow as pure and direct insight as is possible for this generation of consumers, particularly those who follow companies with strong ties to the environment, ecology, and resources of this planet," and to "try to transmute the incredible ambition, energy, and hope that fills our tanks with so much more than fish."


Seth Burch  General Counsel
In addition to advising Aqquua, Seth Burch also serves as Managing Director and General Counsel for The LCP Group L.P., where he is charged with overseeing all legal aspects of LCP’s EB-5 lending platform, in connection with which he manages the firm’s engagement and use of external counsel for immigration, lending and securities matters.  He is also tasked with formulating legal strategy for the firm’s acquisition, disposition and asset management activities.  Prior to joining LCP, Seth worked as an associate and counsel at leading New York City law firms, where he represented lenders, borrowers, property developers and landlords in acquisition, disposition, financing, development and leasing transactions totaling more than $10 billion.


Dr. Daniel Benetti  Director of Aquaculture
Dr. Daniel Benetti is a Professor and the Director of Aquaculture at the University of Miami.  He has over 30 years experience in aquaculture worldwide. He has published over 100 articles in aquaculture science and technology, has extensive experience with the industry and has been a consultant for the private and government sectors in Latin America, U.S., Europe, Asia, Caribbean and Australia, where he has partnered with the government and the industry to spearhead advanced technology for hatchery and sustainable offshore aquaculture development. He is the scientific coordinator of several offshore aquaculture projects and operations in the US and abroad.


Dr Jorge Arturo Suarez, PhD  Nutritionist
Dr Jorge Arturo Suarez, PhD, is an aquaculture nutritionist with a proven track record of excellence in research and development of aquafeeds. He is an accomplished and experienced scientist whose research focuses on the quality, cost and performance of feeds for commercially important cultured species of fish and crustaceans. He has been a consultant to large feed manufacturing companies and to commercial operations small and large. Given the importance of feeds in the aquaculture industry, Dr Suarez is an asset to any aqua-business from its inception.


Sasa Miralao  Quarantine Manager
Sasa has more than
ten years of diverse and international hands-on laboratory and field experience in aquaculture research, technology transfer, and commercial production ranging from developing sustainable aquaculture hatcheries, grow-out systems, and best management practices for sea ranching of invertebrates using low technology (sea pens) for marginalized Southeast Asian fishermen and coastal communities, to the commercial production of pelagic marine fish in high technology recirculating systems and offshore cages with environmentally responsible corporations. His expertise includes the mariculture and hatchery management of cobia, goggle eyes, mahi-mahi, pompano, blackfin tuna, milkfish, barramundi, red mangrove snapper, white shrimp, sandfishsea urchintop shellsand live feeds.